About Alan

I  first became interested in photography aged about 11 when I asked for a (film) camera for Christmas, having seen some of the great photography that was evolving at the time.

From these humble beginnings I went on to become Chief Photographer for a local newspaper, but always maintained my own business as a wedding and location-portrait photographer.

After photographing over 700 weddings and hundreds of outdoor portrait sessions, I am now able to work quietly, discreetly, professionally and informally – often including a mix of styles to suit the day including documentary style (some say wedding photojournalism) as well as “prompted not posed”.

My aim always is to get to know my clients, to develop a long-term partnership, and to work with them to create relaxed, informal images but keeping all the high quality that they would expect from a full-time professional.  

My priority with couples is always to record the relationship that they have with each other – not with me or my camera – and that is key to my way of working, and is reflected in the results that I achieve both at weddings and at location-portraits.

Alan Walters