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Glenfield register office wedding photographer

Glenfield Register Office is a stunning location just outside the city limits of Leicester, where I love to take wedding photography.

The venue at Glenfield has two ceremony rooms, the Dove room for smaller weddings, accommodating up to 26 people, and the cedar room which can accommodate up to 100 (note that this includes the couple and all guests including photographers etc)

Both room are really light and ideal for photography including the bridal party entering the room and the ceremony itself

flower girls entering the Cedar room at Glenfield register office

After the ceremony couples will often choose to have their first few photographs at Glenfield taken at the garden feature – an ideal place for throwing confetti … wedding photography works best if the wedding photographer at Glenfield chats with the couple in advance and we plan the day to make the best use of the time we have in the grounds for photographs.

Confetti throwing at the garden feature, Glenfield Register Office

Another photograph that I like to take at Glenfield is using the openings in the garden feature, it is only natural to look straight at the camera at first, but I am here to record your special day together, not with me or my camera so I will tend to ask you to look more to each other than to me…

A happy couple at Glenfield Register Office

Couples often like to move on from the garden feature to take advantage of the rest of the garden at Glenfield that has lovely low-hanging branches that are almost horizontal across the grounds, with a nice stone-effect seat. This is lovely shade on a hot day, and can act as some shelter if the weather is not so kind to us! It can be helpful to take just a very few formal photographs here before moving on to informal photography capturing the moment.

Bride and bridesmaid formal portrait at Glenfield

The grounds at Glenfield Register Office offer a great chance for natural wedding photography, and I like to use the grounds for informal photographs after just a few formal images. There is space to walk about, and for the couple to interact with each other rather than smiling at the camera …this below is very much my preferred style, but of course I am always happy to take a lead from the couple …

bride and groom at Glenfield Register Office

Almost all modern photography is taken in colour (though there are some specialist cameras that produce only a black and white file). I offer all of my work in colour, with the option of conversion to black and white photography when this captures the atmosphere or the emotion – this is an example at Glenfield where a wedding photograph has been converted to black and white and shows emotion perhaps more than the colour original …

black and white wedding photography – Glenfield

I hope that these few paragraphs have given an idea of how I like to photograph a wedding at Glenfield Register Office – but I am always open to new ideas on creative photography.

Thinking of a wedding at Glenfield register Office? Why not email for an introductory chat about what you might like from your wedding photography, and how I might be able to achieve that?

Just email: rutlandphotographer@outlook.com for an informal chat about how we might be able to work together.

Handy hints for Glenfield in addition to normal wedding advice:

  • This is a popular venue – please remember to book early and think about which room can accommodate all your needs.
  • Be prepared to arrive 20-30 minutes before your ceremony, allowing for Leicester traffic especially at peak times – I aim to be there one hour before the wedding just in case (if you arrive very early you might find me perched on my car eating lunch!).
  • Remember that this is a civil wedding venue with no religious element.
  • There are glorious grounds with great opportunities for wedding photography – much more so than you might expect from a register office BUT this is also a very busy venue especially at peak wedding season.
  • Plan how the photography will be organised after the ceremony to ensure it is done efficiently but without rushing so that I can get the very best photographs for you.
  • Keep the formal list of groups to a small number – possibly 4-6 – we will always photograph the bridal party afterwards (bridesmaids/flower girls/best man/ushers) but I suggest at this venue to aim to keep family and friends to well-organised and a small number such as 4-6 shots.
  • Ensure that one or two guests have your shoot list so they can help call people to any group shots quickly and have the next group ready – we are here to celebrate your day together and that is the most important to capture.
  • The registrars and staff are kind, helpful, polite and professional but they will almost certainly have another wedding possibly 30 minutes after ours – so they will need to keep everything flowing and the couple coming out of their ceremony will want to come out in to the grounds finding them empty – just as we would have wanted.

Wedding photography at Glenfield can be stunningly gorgeous, but this is no place really for a new-starter or amateur as we need to produce great images in a relatively short time – after photographing over 700 weddings I know how to achieve this for you.

Thanks for reading – I hope this has been helpful …

Alan Walters


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