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Lincoln Hotel Weddings

It is always a pleasure to photograph weddings at the Lincoln Hotel. With the grounds of Lincoln Cathedral so close by, with amazing service and great staff at the Hotel there really is a lot to boast about at this venue.

The ceremony room is nicely lit and lends itself to some lovely images taken in real time.

bride and groom at the Lincoln Hotel

I always look out for emotional moments and do my utmost to capture them – quite a variety of emotions here.

An emotional moment at the Lincoln Hotel wedding

Walking just across the road opens up some new ideas for photography – in this case the groomsmen in more relaxed style of photography.

The Lincoln Hotel wedding photography – groomsmen

Of course, there is also the opportunity to photograph the couple with Lincoln Cathedral in the background.

Wedding photography at Lincoln Cathedral

I do like to capture the couple looking more relaxed – and offer a style called “prompted not posed” allowing the couple to be more natural and to interact with each other rather than staring at a camera.

wedding photographer at The Lincoln Hotel
Wedding photography across the road at Lincoln Cathedral

I also like to keep an eye open for the guest at weddings, not just the formal pictures but informal photography at weddings as well, here are a couple of examples at the Lincoln Hotel.

Wedding photography – informal photographs of guests
Natural photography at weddings in Lincoln

From time to time I will notice something a little different and will capture it – in this case a little one is wide-eyed at the activities the children have been given at a wedding.

capturing the moments at a wedding

Of course some guests come prepared with their own entertainment – in this case a quick knockabout in the grounds of The Lincoln Hotel.

Photographing more than the couple at weddings

At some point I like the couple to have a few moments away from all the guests so they can relax and just be themselves – in this case after the wedding breakfast we went for a quick stroll around Lincoln Cathedral and chose this location for a few romantic photographs.

A quiet moment of photography in Lincoln

These are just a few of nearly 300 image given to the happy couple after their beautiful wedding day at The Lincoln Hotel.

If you feel I may be able to help why not drop me a line rutlandphotographer@outlook.com with your expected wedding date and venue – I would be very happy to have a chat and see how I can help you.

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