Wedding photogrphy child guests
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Should we invite children to our Wedding? Rutland wedding photography viewpoint.

Well it is surprising how often this question comes up and I have to say it is entirely up to the couple!

What I will say, though, is that I always do my best to capture young ones at weddings in a way that reflects the happiness of a wedding day – not just the children stood in a line – but not really portraits either.

The style I often use is called “prompted not posed” so not telling a child exactly what to do but giving them a prompt to let them enjoy themselves while I capture the moment….these young ones might not have walked away hand in hand without a prompt!

wedding photography Rutland prompted not posed

Here are some more examples – all prompted – none of them posed…

Rutland photography – fun at a wedding
Rutland wedding photographer at a Newark wedding – a moment captured
Newark Castle wedding photography
Bridesmaids watching out for the wedding car in Rutland

Hopefully you will have some idea of what I try to achieve….at the end of the day the couple can choose whether or not to invite children ….I can only tell you how much I work to capture the moment.

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